Sasa Josipovic's Recommendations



As a Manager of Product Development Engineering Content Delivery (DevOps) and Manager Video Platforms Service Quality (DevOps) at Comcast 2011 - 2016


I reported to Sasa during my time at Comcast, a time that I look back on of great professional growth and that was in no small part due to Sasa. As a geek, I am just as guilty as any other geek about not seeing the bigger picture and being a little too close to the 1's and 0's. My time at Comcast required that I architect a solution to a vexing problem that we experienced in regards to video on demand. I would soon learn that there are many aspects beyond the code that require a thorough devotion to creating a successful product like effectively meeting deadlines, gathering requirements, and documentation among others. Sasa gave me time to get a handle on those issues and ultimately deliver a great product, but in the process he also made me a better manager of my product. Any geek will tell you that they prefer just writing code, but Sasa actually made me enjoy the other aspects: the *necessary* aspects to being a successful manager. When the higher ups made their demands, unrealistically in some instances, Sasa took control and allowed me to do my job unimpeded and soothed any concerns that upper management had. It's really a shame that adjectives like "spectacular" get thrown around because Sasa happens to be the real deal and, hands down, and I say this with no hesitation, he was the most spectacular supervisor I ever had the pleasure to work with. It's often said that people don't quit bad jobs, they quit bad managers and one thing I was never going to do, was quit Sasa Josipovic. Any company would be lucky to have him and I cannot recommend him highly enough. April 22, 2019 Julian Cook Software Engineer IV directly reported to Saša at Comcast


I reported to Sasa on a newly formed team charged with the inscrutable task of improving customer experience by pioneering the mining of backend delivery data. Sasa quickly organized the team, set goals, guided tasks and produced significant improvements across all components of the delivery system. This required effectively networking across many varied groups and gaining their support and resources on top of their already heavily loaded jobs, not a small task. Sasa is a high energy, focused, honest, and upright manager who produces results not propaganda. He is a straight shooter, not afraid to tackle bad news or difficult challenges and gets results. Sasa is one of the 2 best managers I had in all of my 40+ years of corporate work. He is a scrupulous, fair and no-nonsense manager, rewarding his people and coaching as appropriate. He always looked for the keys to motivate and compel his people to perform and excel. Anyone looking for a solid addition to their management team would be most fortunate to have Sasa.  April 11, 2019 Barbara Hartman Senior Data Engineering Analyst directly reported to Saša at Comcast


I worked with Sasa for 2 years in a newly-formed team focused on improving the customer experience through video platform resiliency and reliability improvements. Sasa vigorously defended and supported his team and those traits helped earn his team's respect and trust. Sasa led a team of developers and analysts in a cohesive manner that produced results. Through collaboration with X1, VIDEO and Field organizations, Sasa's team drove significant improvements to the customer experience for millions of customers, while also reducing operating costs. Sasa is customer-focused and has a strong rapport with operations stakeholders and a solid working knowledge of Content Delivery Network technology as well as Agile methodologies. - October 25, 2016 Robert Pendarvis Director Video Platforms Service Quality(DevOps) managed Saša at Comcast



 “Sasa is a hard-working manager who understands the operations and support side at Comcast. I enjoy working with Sasa because he is very reasonable, easy to work with and understands what needs to be done. His team is highly proficient and gets the job done!” October 25, 2013, Scott Laubach Director Content Delivery worked with Sasa at Comcast



As Director of IT & Broadcast Engineering for Americas Al Jazeera Media Networks 2006 - 2009


“I have been working for Sasa as a consultant to implement network security at AJI, a really large and ambitious project. Sasa is an excellent leader. I was surprised how one person could be on all fronts at the same time to get things done, and I was even more surprised to see that everyone would follow behind him without question, including myself, to put down hours of work and finish the project successfully. Whether it was technology, workflows, strategy or management, Sasa would show excellent skills in each domain. He is an active listener, doesn't let any misunderstanding in his way. Even as an external consultant I felt part of his staff. All these qualities make him a much valuable asset to any company who is looking for a passionate technology leader!!” July 10, 2010 Benoit Piret (Network and Security Architect at Thomson) was a consultant or contractor to Sasa at Al Jazeera Networks.


“Sasa is a highly motivated manager who has the unique ability to look at both short term and long term strategic decisions with minute detail. His detail in documentation and procedures allows an operation to benefit greatly from having accurate records. His knowledge of systems allows him to communicate very effectively with every level of an organization both internally and externally. He has a strong economic streak maintaining tight budgets, but is also a team builder with many strengths, greatly admired by his staff and his peers.” April 26, 2009 Les McPhearson, Manager Technical Services APAC, Harris Broadcast communications division 
worked directly with Sasa at Al Jazeera Networks.


“Sasa is my equivalent in the company as Head of Technology (Aljazeera English Language channel) covering the whole of the Americas region for our company. I have had pleasure in working closely with Sasa over the last 3 years to the present date and would recommend Sasa as a very competent technology professional in the Broadcast IT/Engineering field. Sasa is hard working with good business ethics and very supportive of like-minded professionals with good abilities. Sasa is highly organized and efficient in all management skills including team building and a key team player himself. His aptitude to 'must do' and 'must win' stands him out in admiration from other colleagues and co-workers. I would not hesitate to recommend Sasa to any company for employment.” April 8, 2009 Anil Chaman, Head of Broadcast Engineering,
worked directly with Sasa at Al Jazeera Networks.


“Sasa is a hard working individual of integrity and principles who always gets things done.” January 15, 2009 Jelena Karovic, Executive Assistant, Dimension Data
was with another company when working with Sasa at Al Jazeera Networks.


“Sasa's managerial style is unique, effective and motivating. He posses exceptional organizational vision and is one of the most detail-oriented people I have encountered in what is now quite a long career. A strong advocate for those he is responsible for, he is both fair and supportive. Sensible, methodical, action-oriented and results were driven without sacrificing team spirit while working to empower and encourage his staff. Solid technical skill, exceptional sense of process and organization make Sasa an excellent manager and strong mentor. I would happily work for him again.” November 6, 2007 Michael Angelo Marno, Vice President Broadcast Operations at MBN (Middle East Broadcasting Network Inc.)  reported to Sasa at Al Jazeera Networks.


“Sasa is a detailed oriented manager, has great managerial skills, fair and honest, well respected by people that he manages and people that he works with. I would definitely work with Sasa again, anytime, anywhere.” October 26, 2007 Goran Maric, Non-Linear Editor, Al Jazeera English 
worked with Sasa at Al Jazeera Networks.


"Sasa was a no-bull manager who never left anything unsaid and whom everyone he worked with knew exactly how he felt. That allowed us the freedom to stop worrying about reading minds and instead focusing on doing our jobs. I recommend Sasa as a manager you can trust." June 10, 2009 Snorre Wik Director of Videography and Owner of PocoLoco Productions, Sasa was a senior to Snorre but didn't manage him at Al Jazeera Networks.


"Sasa was an excellent help during the time when we worked together to launch Al Jazeera English to North American and World viewers. His management style is direct and straight forward ensuring smooth operation of technical facilities which ensures, among others, that everybody involved is motivated to give their maximum."  May 13, 2014, Tomo Soso, Sasa was a client of Tomo Soso and his technical integration team at Al Jazeera Networks.



As a Manager of NOC and Operations Engineering NewSkies Satellites N.V. 2000 - 2004


“I had the pleasure to work with Sasa during the development and early stages of the company's move into value-added services for both full-time and occasional use services. He had a demanding role but fulfilled it with ease, building the NOC from scratch while putting procedures in place to implement services. He is a terrific manager: straightforward, honest and fair and extremely detail-oriented. He is a solution- and customer-focused, while being experienced in any matter technical- or engineering-related. He and his team provided the necessary assistance to my division during a significant growth period at New Skies. I highly recommend Sasa, who would be a valuable asset to any organization.” December 2, 2007 Tara Nealon, Satellite Manager, New Skies Satellites
worked with Sasa at NewSkies Satellites N.V.


“I am happy to recommend Sasa due to my first hand witnessing of his excellent leadership skills and ability to manage a tough and demanding role whilst he was NOC manager in our organization. He was responsible for re-building the NOC and instigating sound procedures for documentation, reporting and escalation - all of which are still in use today. Sasa is a true team leader, one I am happy to have worked with.” November 1, 2007 Richard Lamb, Director of Broadcast Services, SES NEW SKIES
 worked directly with Sasa at NewSkies Satellites N.V.


“Sasa did an outstanding job to ensure the NOC was managed and ran in the most efficient manner. His efforts to ensure the NOC had all the correct documentation and procedures were highly commendable. Please feel free to contact me is a reference is required.” October 31, 2007 Allan Morecroft, Projects Co-ordination engineer, Newskies Satellites
worked directly with Sasa at NewSkies Satellites N.V.


 “Sasa and I were peers and colleagues at New Skies Satellites from 2001 to 2004. Sasa was the manager of the network operations center which was the customer facing group that was responsible for the entire global IP delivery services. Sasa came in at a time when there were numerous issues with the NOC, poor morale of the employees and lack of clear direction for the NOC. Sasa quickly learned the essentials of the services and technology and put into place clear operational procedures, training for the NOC staff, and developing performance metrics and key indicators to assess the NOC in general and his staff. Through Sasa's clear- headed thinking and getting directly to the root of issues and problems and tackling them head-on he managed to turn it into an organization that was highly professional, handled customer issues in a timely manner, made it accountable and raised its standing within the company and with the customers. Sasa is a very hard working, competent and self-assured individual who is willing to take on difficult problems and challenges. He is always professional in his conduct and communicates easily with those around him and with the executive management team.” June 8, 2009 Robert Smith, Manager, Internet Services, New Skies Satellites (colleague) worked directly with Sasa


"Sasa is a hard-working, take-charge, no-nonsense manager who gets the job done. When Sasa came to NewSkies, he had the unenviable task of building up the 24 x 7 NOC to handle all of our Value Added customers and moving the NOC from a temporary doublewide trailer into it's permanent state of the art facility. His leadership and entrepreneurial attitude were critical to the development of the NOC's tools, procedures, and practices that contributed greatly to the success of the NewSkies' young Value Added Services business. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again." August 14, 2009 Matt Lucero, Director Ground Systems Engineering at SES Networks, worked with Sasa at NewSkies Satellites.  


As a Backbone Team Leader Road Runner LLC a Time Warner Company 1999 - 2000


“Sasa did a great job in the TWC GNOC managing our circuit providers and providing backbone network support. Sasa started as NOC Operator in the GNOC, which has responsibility for managing the networks that deliver TWC broadband products such as Road Runner High-Speed Online and TWC Digital Phone, and took on increasing responsibility over time. Sasa's technical expertise, problem-solving capabilities, work ethic and maturity would be an asset to an operations management role.” November 27, 2007 Mike Allsup, VP, Network Support, Time Warner Cable
 managed Sasa indirectly at Road Runner LLC a Time Warner Company

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