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DevOps-Engineering & Operations Leader| Cloud| Agile Scrum Master| Program Management| Blockchain Enthusiast


A high-performing leader with expertise in building/optimizing processes, measurement systems, and infrastructure to maximize business results of technology infrastructure, operations, and development in telecommunications, software development, media, video streaming, and broadcasting industries. A skilled strategist, architect, and leader of product and software development who transforms plans into workable solutions and benchmarks performance against vital operational targets and goals. Blockchain enthusiasts and supporters of the general idea that a decentralized database, or “digital ledger”, of transactions everyone on the network should be able to see can and will improve overall technology securely and cost-effectively.


  • Leadership (DevOps, Engineering, Operations, Change Management)
  • Product Development & Agile Scrum Master/Coach
  • Budgeting
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics (Big Data)


  • Operations & Service Management  (IT /ITIL governance best practices)
  • Project & Program Management & Methodologies
  • IT Systems & Network (Green IT), Cloud Engineering (AWS; Azure), Telecom, Satellite, VOD, and Broadcast Engineering
  • Software Development Lifecycle Management - Waterfall, Agile & 4DX Methodologies
  • Enterprise Architecture Design & Analysis (Network & Data Center Build-Up and Consolidations)



Manager Application Support Services - Production (Ops/DevOps/SRE) July 2019 – Present 

Fannie Mae, Reston VA

  • Leading team of applications/DevOps/SRE support engineers.

  • Portfolio of 50+ in-house  developed and managed applications deployed on-prem (3 DC’s)  and AWS cloud-enabling single-family loan processing and management

  • Team responsibilities include, but are not limited to infrastructure management, new code release and deployment pipeline management using agile CD/CI process and tools on weekly basis; monitoring and support of applications deployed; code bug reporting and management with an emphasis on automation, data analytics for the purpose of improving coding, deployment, and support thus applications efficiency and capabilities that serve the needs of financial industry worldwide.



Manager Agile Software Development / Consulting Development Agile Scrum Coach November 2016 – July 2019 

MTK Consulting Services Inc. Greater Los Angeles/ Vienna, VA/ Remote

  • Providing expertise to Distributed Teams and Agile CD/CI tools, including Jira, Confluence, CMS & Code Management, and Release (Jenkins; GitHub; other)
  • Team Development Management and Individual mentoring
  • Scope of architectural and project definition expertise and advisory 

  • Coaching project and organizational stakeholders and executives re best Agile Scrum Development Practices
  • Support(ed) multiple Scrum teams to increase their Velocity and become high-performing
  • Developed a stronger and deeper Agile culture throughout the organization and amongst clients
  • Helped teams to focus on ‘first things first’ while enabling conflict resolution
  • Improved the Agile Maturity level for Projects Continuous Development and Integration (timely development, deployment, and product support processes)
  • Facilitating Scrum Ceremonies (Planning Sessions, Stand-Ups, Reviews, Retrospectives), Backlog Refinement, and User Story development and prioritization



Manager Video Platforms Service Quality Operations Engineering October 2014 – November 2016 

Comcast , Reston, VA

Led a team that developed Video OnDemand (VOD/CDN/ipCDN/Xfinity); Linear Video and ETV platforms BIG Data systems using Agile Scrum and Kanban methodologies and CMS for CD.. The team developed solutions for metrics data aggregation, analytics, reports, and scorecards production enabling engineering teams to improve service and leadership to make better business decisions which improved customer experiences and reduced operating costs. We deployed our solutions within OpenStack and AWS cloud infrastructures on VMWare VM’s running CentOS to ensure cost-effectiveness and high performance.

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Reduced overall  VOD /OnDemand operating cost for over $1.5 million per month in the first year and ~$1 million per month each year thereafter; Improved code development, operational support, and the executive's decision making. Reporting platforms developed by my team reduced X1 platform error rates resulting in monthly cost savings of more than $2 million dollars and improving the customer experience for well over 22.2 million US households. Among others, the analytical reporting platforms my team developed translated to nearly $30 million in CRAN Cost Avoidance.




Product Development Manager (VOD) Content Delivery July 2011 – October 2014 

Comcast , Reston, VA

Led a team of Linux Systems Engineers/Administrators, Software and Applications Architects, and Developers responsible for VOD/CDN/ipCDN infrastructure valued at time $21.5 billion in annual revenues. Provided leadership regarding product architecture, development, deployment, and later operations and optimum performance at low cost.Used Agile Scrum, and Scrumban Kanban methodologies, as a manager and agile coach.

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Stabilized OnDemand VOD/CDN/ipCDN and delivery to over 22.4 million households; Expanded infrastructure from 1200 to over 6000 large server farms; VOD library expansion from around 20K of titles to over 110K titles in less than 24 months; Deployed in-house cache solution to replace expensive vendor-supplied cache solution, saving over $26 million dollars in network capacity expansions and reducing strain on the regional and national backbone network infrastructure; Successfully deployed Cloud DVR solution in all Comcast markets with easy to manage and cost-effective solution(s). Accomplishments that directly influenced the growth of Comcast stock from a price of mid $20’s to mid $ ’60s per single stock unit before the stock split in early 2017.




Advisory Consultant to IT Department Senior Management (CTO & Senior Directors) July 2010 – January 2011  

Deltek Inc. via Princeton Information, Herndon, VA          

Provided advisory services to Deltek Inc. Senior Management regarding all aspects of physical and procedural establishment, improvement of network operations support, and operational capabilities. Coordinated all efforts setting up Network Operations Center to ensure appropriate IT Operational Support Services. Architected and coordinated deployment and adoption of methodologies, infrastructure architecture, process, workflow, and standards of performance, in line with industry standards and ITIL principles.

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: As required by the contract, successfully provided advisory services to Deltek Inc. senior and middle management to develop and deploy NOC facilities in Manila, Philippines, and Herndon, VA in order to deliver continuous infrastructure and services monitoring and support for an internal and external client base in a record time of fewer than 6 months and under budget.




Director, IT Infrastructure & Broadcast Engineering – Americas April 2006 – April 2010

Al Jazeera Media Network, Washington, DC         

Led a department comprising systems, network, security, software development, and broadcast engineers accountable for all North and South America Broadcast and IT engineering activities and related production facilities. These groups were mandated with architecture, design, deployment, and subsequently, support and maintenance of all related facilities and technologies employed, ensuring uninterrupted production within budget and within agreed timescales. Ensured that all systems were properly documented after implementations. Applied adequate policies and procedures to secure uninterrupted global broadcast production.

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Lead all aspects of planning, deploying, and building (including construction) of all the necessary facilities including 2 data centers, DR site, teleport uplink/downlink, MCR & Ingest, Studios, office space(s), from the ground up in record time of 7 months to launch, on time, first full-HD television channel broadcasting around the globe. Architected and oversaw the development of customized ERP, Financial, and Eng ticketing systems. Managed facilities and budget in excess of ~$500M annually, to ensure proper development and operations of all IT and Broadcast resources.




Manager of IT & Broadcast Engineering Department October 2005- April 2006

TBS for ALHURRA – MEBN Inc. a VOA entity, Springfield, VA

Provided leadership to engineering groups accountable for architecture, design, support, and maintenance of all technical facilities (MCR, Studios, teleport, data centers - to mention a few). Introduced strict reporting and monitoring metrics that measured the workload of teams responsible for production ensuring operating costs were under budget.

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Lead all aspects of re-building all production facilities, consolidated data centers (2 into 1), deployed MCR and Teleport uplink capabilities (we added 2 new 4-meter Ku-Band antennas) enabling Alhurra TV uninterrupted operations as mandated by the United States Government and its managing body, Broadcasting Board of Governors.



Manager of North America Network Services November 2004 – October 2005


Provided leadership to an engineering and operations department, consisting of 250 systems, network, DB administrators, security, and software development engineers, accountable for all CGI-AMS network and data center infrastructure in North America.

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Successfully completed mandated migration/consolidation of 20 small and large data centers located in the US to CGI’s facilities in the Toronto and Montreal metro areas as part of the merger and acquisition process. Ensured smooth transition of staff, resources, and technologies from acquired AMS into CGI Inc. corporate infrastructure. Achieved in record 6 months to complete major company and resources restructuring, saving CGI Group Inc. over $20 million in operating cost, and contributing to companies’ stock stability in times of acquisition and restructuring.



Director of Technical Operations April 2004 – November 2004


Led a team comprising of systems, network, software development, and database admin engineers, responsible for all aspects of development and implementation of mobile telephony text and multimedia messaging services, and related data center resources which ensured seamless SMS and MMS messaging services for mobile phone carriers such as AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint. 

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Ensured proper Data Center revitalization and network services improvement which assured increased production from barely 1 million to around 25 million processed messages per day, which resulted in increased company revenues. These achievements directly influenced the overall company value, which later played important role in the company’s sales.




Manager of Global NOC's and Operations Engineering June 2001 – March 2004


Managed NOC, Operations Engineering, and related Teleport activities (data centers & ground sat operations) in the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Australia centers, which were responsible for the provisioning of high-quality services to the US (commercial and government) and International customers.

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Successfully managed a buildup of US-based Teleport and Data Center, including DR facility, from ground-up to the state-of-the-art facility that it is today. Developing SOP’s ensured collaboration between NOC, POC, Engineering, Product Development, Teleports, and Sales groups. Accomplished increasing customer base from barely 10 to 111 corporations serviced worldwide. Increased services’ profit margin from $3 mil to $35 million annually. Had a track record of 99.99% up-time of technical resources.




Director of NOC and Engineering Operations November 2000 – May 2001


Provided leadership to a team of network and systems engineers responsible for the design, implementation, security, and management of all data and network services. Ensured they were properly engineered, documented, and tested before implementation and supported.

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Assembled engineering and operational teams, which supported services for over 200 businesses located in Mid-Atlantic, South, and South East of the US. Developed process and policy documentation ensuring smooth operational activities.  Architected and managed software development lifecycle for customized CRM and Engineering ticketing system. 




Network Operations Backbone Engineering Team Leader June 1999 – November 2000

ROAD RUNNER LLC a Time Warner Co. (now Spectrum), Herndon, VA

Was part of a team that managed a group of NOC Operators, Systems, and Network Backbone Support Engineers responsible for network infrastructure and 25 regional data centers. Served as a liaison between Engineering and other company departments. Developed procedures and reporting system, which ensured proper collection of metrics that measured the workload of teams within Engineering and Operations. As a liaison collaborated with sales and product development teams on customer solutions.

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Managed teams that successfully supported expanding services from 100K to 3 million users, serviced by partner cable providers. Was a driving force in the development of policies and procedures for Backbone Engineering and Operations, ensuring all aspects of the business were well organized and documented.




Network Systems Analyst April 1998 – June 1999

NXT CORPORATION (now part of Paymentech), Bethesda, MD

Was part of the team that provided design, implementation, and support of all network and systems services the company provided to its customer base.

Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Lead expansion of network infrastructure from around 10 clients servicing circuits to over 100 and successfully managed resources in 3 data centers (2 of them collocated within Amex Corp. facilities in Phoenix, AZ, and Greensboro, NC.).  Designed, developed, deployed and managed corporate intranet and official web portal.




IT Administrator/Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant May 1997 – April 1998


Main Achievements /Accomplishments: Successfully managed all technical resources and designed all graphics for on-air production.




Graphics Design and IT Specialist Late 1980 and Early 1990's

SELF EMPLOYMENT Europe (Yugoslavia)

Established and ran a small print preparation design shop, which helped me to financially support my educational efforts.




Aug. 1995- May 1997 Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA. USA 

*B. S. in Geography & Minor-Political Science at College of Geography and Political Science.


1989-1995 University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

*B.S. Regional Planning & Minor - Computer Science at Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics-Group for Regional Planning.





  • Networking + from CompTIA , 2000
  • CCNA & CCNP Certification Courses Classes, 2000
  • Management Concepts - Management of Geographically Dispersed Employees, Management Skills and Techniques Certification Programs, 2002
  • ITIL V3 Course Classes (have not taken the certification exam), 2008
  • Various courses in Broadcast Engineering Management, VSAT, and Space Segment Design and Development, 2000 - 2008
  • Gear Stream Agile Methodologies Training 2013
  • Comcast University Technical Leadership Program Certification 2013
  • Franklyn Covey 4DX Work Management Training 2015
  • Professional Technical Writing Certification by Better Communications 2016
  • Certified Scrum Master as of October 2016 Click for License
  • ITIL V4 Certification 2021
  • AWS Certified Practitioner 2021




Fluent in English (fluent), German (conversational), Croatian(fluent), and Serbian(fluent) and French (basic understanding)


References and other accreditations are available upon request. 

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